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Zoom out. Since November 11th, 2005 another music bar was added to the scene in Bremerhaven, which carries a history of a hundred years behind its walls. Reopened in the fourth generation, the "Hotel Metropol" [Photo 1], close to the Fritz-Reuter-Platz, was built with the thought to be Gesine and Johann Frommer ´s provision for their old-age [Photo 2].

Zoom out. The house soon becomes meeting point for teams and crews from the NDL (Norddeutscher Lloyd) and the American occupying troops, who make it to “their” club. Business flourishes, and another event causes positive mood in the family, the birth of their son Hans.

In 1943 the hotel is shut down by the agriculture department. Shortly after that, it is hit by a bomb, eight people die, among them Gesine Frommer.

Zoom out. Hans, directly ordered to the front-line from the Lessingschule, is able to escape from the war confusions with the help of his Sergeant, who is also from Bremerhaven, so he can help his father remove the bomb rubble [Photo 3]. When reopened in 1946, again the allied troops are the first to show up, seize the hotel and rename it the “Club Tug Boat Inn”. Rudolf Frommer now takes care of the heating room, working in his own house, while his son Hans does the waiter job. Just natural, they know to use the advantage given to them by the Americans, US Cigarettes and Whisky, an inestimable wealth in those days.

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