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The “Metropol” stays an US Club till the days of the currency reform in 1948. Then, opened to public as the “Hotel Metropol”, it changes to one of the most popular bars in town with live music and English speaking waitresses in, so called, cocktail dresses. The Americans love the new “face” of their former Club, and they stay constant guests, enthusiastic about the cocktails, mixes, and a special hit of the house, the Wiener Schnitzel.

Everything looks great, everything is fine. The part of the house that had been destroyed by bombs is set up again, Hans marries his big love Irmgart, and in autumn of the same year, their daughter Ute is born. In the following years the hotel is strongly frequented by the ship-crews of the “United States” and the “America”.

Zoom out. The bar is opened night and day. In the 60ies the audience changes again because of the different ships coming to Bremerhaven. Guests now arrive from cargo ships and fish trawlers, but also the stars of the “holiday on Ice” Revue constantly stay overnight, and reasons to party hearty really don ´t have to be made up.

In the 70ies it is more the mechanics of the Lloyd wharf who use the rooms, and in the beginning of the 90ies, again the Americans love to have the hotel as transition accomodation before leaving back to the US across the big pond because of the troop departure.

Back in their homeland, the word has already spread like a wildfire about the distinguished Name of the hotel. But nothing seems to be for eternity. Things get quiet around this house, once filled with pulsing life. In 2003 Hans Frommer dies.

Ute Frommer-Müller, meanwhile married to Werner Müller, takes herself a heart and tries the reopening. Everything is rebuilt close to the original as good as possible, especially the bar of the hotel.

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